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Respond. Restore. Reclaim.

Psychotherapy practice for developmental and relationship trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Building and repairing interpersonal communications, life transitions, and grief.

Karla J. Beaman LCSW

(214) 497-2426

Bill Beaman, LPC

(469) 369-9906

Anxiety  |   Depression  |   Trauma   |   Substance Use Disorder  |  Life Transitions & Grief  |   Relationships


Karla J. Beaman

Licensed Clinical

Social Worker

Bill Beaman

Licensed Professional Counselor/Associate

Licensed Marriage & Family


We support individuals, couples, and families struggling with trauma, substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, relationship building or repairing, interpersonal communication, career, and life transitions. 


We are implementing client-centered and holistic therapeutic approaches and augmenting these evidence-based theories with Brainspotting and Truama-informed therapy.


Family Therapy

Individual Sessions

Telehealth Therapy

Shining Heart in human head. Love, instinct and romance concept. Chalk drawing. Copy space

Our psychotherapy practice specializes in guiding individuals, couples, and families in discovering a new personal narrative and sense of self.  We teach clients to manage core emotional conflicts within themselves and other relationships.  These internal conflicts are held in the story of the client’s family history and can leave the client with feelings of anxiety and depression and problems in relationships.

We teach our clients to identify and connect to their core beliefs and emotions. We provide access and healing to the deepest part of the self and restore and reclaim balance.  The goal is always to provide hope in an emotionally safe environment.

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