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Home visits can be arranged as necessary

Clinical Social Worker & Therapist

Karla J. Beaman LCSW

Providing support for people struggling with substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, relationship building or repairing, interpersonal communication, career and life transitions. 


Implementing client centered and holistic therapeutic approaches and augmenting these evidence-based therapies with art and experiential techniques.


Let's work together and find your inner strength, values and readiness for change!

Treatment Focus
Substance Use Disorder   |   Anxiety   |   Depression   |   Life Transitions   |   Suicidal Ideation   |   Mood Disorders
  Respond. Restore. Reclaim.
Core Concepts Counseling
Core Concepts Counseling
Core Concepts Counseling
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Yoga at Home

Private/Group sessions

Appointments are available at the office. 

Tele-Therapy - Telehealth

Video therapy appointments are available and helpful for clients with challenging schedules.

I believe change occurs when you are willing and ready; when you are connected with something of 
intrinsic value, something important and cherished.

Core Concepts Counseling 

  Respond. Restore. Reclaim.

Karla J Beaman LCSW

9555 Lebanon Suite 402

Frisco, Texas. 75035

(214) 497-2426


  • Karla J. Beaman LCSW

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